Inconel BSP / NPT Fittings Supplier

What is Inconel BSP / NPT Forged Fittings

Universal Metal Corporation is the manufacturer of Inconel BSP/ NPT Pipe Fittings which are manufactured using authentic raw materials.

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What is Inconel made of?
Inconel is a nonmagnetic , consumption – and oxidation-safe, nickel-based combination. Its remarkable strength and durability in the temperature range cryogenic to 2000°F (1093°C) are gotten basically from the strong arrangement impacts of the stubborn metals, columbium and molybdenum, in a nickel-chromium framework. its main features are its simplicity, compactness in design, ease of assembly, high reliability, easy availability & global acceptance. There are various type of threads available like NPT (National Pipe Taper) BSP (British Standard Pipe).
Properties of Inconel BSP/NPT fittings:
High elastic, creep, and crack strength; remarkable weariness and warm exhaustion strength; oxidation obstruction; and magnificent weldability and brazeability are the properties of INCONEL alloy that make it fascinating to the aviation field.
Inconel BSP/NPT has some of the extra features as:
• Great protection from acids, for example, sulfuric, phosphoric, nitric, and hydrochloric
• Almost totally liberated from chloride instigated pressure consumption breaking
• Excellent mechanical properties at both very low and incredibly high temperatures
• Outstanding protection from pitting, hole erosion and bury glasslike consumption
• High protection from oxidation at raised temperatures
Benefits of Inconel BSP/NPT fittings are as per the following:
1. Assortment of styles , shapes and sizes
2. Sizes accessible from 1/8″ to 2″ NPT.
3. Alternatives of Precision string end associations
4. Exceptionally successful seal between pipes.

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Applications of Inconel BSP /NPT: The properties of INCONEL alloy 625 that make it an excellent choice for sea-water applications are freedom from local attack (pitting and crevice corrosion), high corrosion-fatigue strength, high tensile strength, and resistance to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking.
Industries in which Inconel BSP / NPT fittings is used:
• Chemical and petrochemical processing
• Components where exposure to high mechanical stress and sea water are required
• Flare stacks on offshore oil platforms
• Gas turbines, rocket motors/engines, and space craft

Specification of Inconel BSP / NPT Fittings

  • Specifications: ASTM B564/ ASME SB564
  • Size: 1/8” NB to 4” NB (Socketweld & Screwed-Threaded)
  • Dimensions : ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799
  • Types : Socketweld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings
  • Pressure Rating: Threaded End-2000lb/ 3000lb/ 6000lbs /
    Socket-weld End-3000/ 6000/ 9000lbs
  • Thread: NPT, BSPT, BSPP

Available Types of Inconel BSP and NPT Fittings

Forged Elbow

Inconel BSP / NPT Elbow

  • 600 Inconel Alloy BSP NPT Elbow
  • Inconel 625 BSP Threaded Elbow Supplier
  • ASTM B564 Incoloy Alloy 825 NPT Threaded Elbow
  • Incoloy Alloy 800H BSP Threaded Elbow
  • Nickel Alloy 718 BSP Female X Male Street Elbow 90 Degree
  • Inconel Alloy 800 NPT 90 Degree Forged Elbow
  • ANSI B16.11 Inconel 625 BSP / NPT Elbow
  • Alloy 600 BSP Elbow
  • ASME SB564 Inconel Alloy 800HT NPT Screwed Elbow
  • Inconel NPT 45 Degree Forged Elbow
  • Incoloy Alloy 800 BSP 45 Deg Street Elbow Manufacturer
  • Incoloy 825 NPT Elbow
Forged Tee

Inconel BSP / NPT Tee

  • Inconel NPT Equal Tee
  • Inconel Alloy 600 BSP Threaded Tee Supplier
  • Inconel Alloy 625 BSP / NPT Tee
  • 718 Inconel NPT Tee Supplier
  • Nickel Alloy 800 NPT Threaded Tee
  • ASTM B564 Incoloy Alloy 825 NPT Threaded Tee
  • Inconel Alloy 625 BSP Equal Tee
  • Incoloy 800H BSP / NPT Tee
  • ASME SB564 Inconel 600 BSP Screwed Tee
  • ANSI B16.11 Incoloy 800HT NPT x BSP Tee
  • Inconel 718 NPT Screwed Tee
  • Alloy 825 BSP Equal Tees Manufacturer
SS Forged Cap Manufacturer Suplier

Inconel BSP / NPT Cap

  • Incoloy 800 BSP and NPT Threaded Cap
  • Nickel Alloy 718 BSP/NPT Threaded Cap
  • 600 Inconel NPT Round Cap Supplier
  • Inconel BSP Hex Cap Manufacturer
  • Inconel Alloy 625 BSP Screwed Cap
  • ASTM B564 Incoloy Alloy 800H NPT Threaded Pipe Cap
  • ANSI B16.11 Incoloy Alloy 825 NPT Hex Cap
  • Inconel Alloy BSP Threaded Cap Stockist
  • Incoloy 800HT BSP Round Caps Supplier
  • Inconel 600 Cap NPT Thread
  • Inconel Alloy NPT Threaded Cap
  • ASME SB564 Inconel 625 NPT Screwed Cap
  • ASTM B564 Incoloy Alloy 800 NPT Cap Manufacturer
  • Incoloy Alloy 825 BSP Pipe Cap
SPT & NPT Plugs

Inconel BSP / NPT Plug

  • ASME SB564 Incoloy Alloy 800 BSP Screwed Plug
  • Incoloy 825 MSS SP-83 NPT Thread Plugs
  • Inconel 150lb BSP Square Head Plug
  • 600 Inconel Alloy BSP Plug Supplier
  • 800H Incoloy NPT Threaded Plug
  • Inconel Alloy 718 NPT Screwed Plug
  • Incoloy Alloy 800HT NPT Hex Plug Manufacturer
  • Inconel 625 BSP Plugs Supplier
  • Alloy 600 BSP Threaded Plug
  • Nickel Alloy 625 NPT Hex Head Plug
  • ANSI B16.11 Inconel 825 BSP Hex Head Plug
  • ASTM B564 Incoloy Alloy 800 NPT Pressure Plugs
Forged Cross

Inconel BSP / NPT Cross

  • Incoloy 800 NPT Screwed Cross
  • 800H Incoloy Alloy NPT Threaded Cross
  • Inconel NPT Cross Supplier
  • ASME SB564 Incoloy Alloy 825 BSP Screwed Cross
  • 625 Inconel Alloy BSP Thread Cross
  • ASTM B564 Inconel Alloy 600 NPT Threaded Cross
  • Incoloy Alloy 800HT BSP Equal Crosses Manufacturer
  • Alloy 718 BSP / NPT Cross
  • Inconel Alloy NPT Equal Cross
  • Nickel Alloy 625 BSP Equal Cross
  • Incoloy 825 BSP Threaded Cross Supplier
  • ANSI B16.11 Inconel 600 NPT x BSP Cross
BSP / NPT Union

Inconel BSP / NPT Union

  • Incoloy 800 BSP Female Union Manufacturer
  • 600 Inconel Alloy Male x Female Union
  • ASME SB564 Inconel Alloy 625 BSP Screwed Union
  • ANSI B16.11 Inconel 718 NPT Hex Union
  • 800 Incoloy Alloy MSS SP-83 NPT Thread Union
  • ASTM B564 Inconel 800H NPT Threaded Union
  • Incoloy Alloy 1/2″ BSP x NPT Male Union
  • Nickel 625 Alloy BSP Union Supplier
  • Alloy 718 BSP Thread Union
  • Inconel 825 BSP Hex Union Supplier
  • 800HT Incoloy NPT Threaded Union
  • Inconel 600 NPT Screwed Union

Equivalent Grades of Inconel BSP / NPT Fittings

Inconel 600 2.4816 N06600 NCF 600 NA 13 МНЖМц 28-2,5-1,5 NC15FE11M NiCr15Fe
Inconel 625 2.4856 N06625 NCF 625 NA 21 ХН75МБТЮ NC22DNB4M NiCr22Mo9Nb
Inconel 718 2.4668 N07718
Incoloy 800 1.4876 N08800 NCF 800 NA 15 ЭИ670 Z8NC32-21 X10NiCrAlTi32-20
Incoloy 800H 1.4958 / 1.4876 N08810 NCF 800H NA 15(H) ЭИ670 Z8NC33-21 X5NiCrAlTi31-20
Incoloy 800HT 1.4859 / 1.4876 N08811 NCF 800HT NA 15(HT) ЭИ670 X8NiCrAlTi32-21
Incoloy 825 2.4858 N08825 NCF 825 NA 16 ЭП703 NFE30C20DUM NiCr21Mo

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We offer These Inconel BSP / NPT Fittings as per ASTM, ASME and API.

Other types of Inconel BSP & NPT Fittings Stock

  • Incoloy Alloy Class 300 NPT x BSP Adapter
  • Inconel Alloy Class 300 NPT 45° Elbow
  • ASME B16.11 Inconel 600 NPT Barrel Nipple
  • Incoloy Alloy BSP 90 degree Street Elbow
  • Inconel Alloy 625 NPT Weld Nipple
  • 800 Inconel Alloy Class 150 BSP M/F Union
  • Inconel NPT Hex Nipple
  • Incoloy Alloy BSP Threaded Bushing
  • Alloy 718 BSP 90 Deg. Street Elbow
  • Inconel Alloy BSP Reducing Bush
  • Incoloy Alloy 825 NPT Threaded Fittings Manufacturer
  • 600 Inconel Alloy BSP 45 Deg Elbow
  • Incoloy 800H NPT 45 Deg Street Elbow
  • Nickel Alloy 800HT BSP Hex Head Plug
  • Inconel NPT Full Coupling
  • Inconel BSP Hex Union
  • Nickel Alloy 600 NPT Hex Plug
  • Inconel BSP Equal Tee Stockist
  • ASTM B564 625 Inconel Alloy NPT Round Cap
  • Incoloy BSP Threaded Fittings
  • 718 Inconel Alloy BSP Reducing Socket
  • ASTM B564 800 Incoloy Alloy BSP Street Union
  • Inconel Alloy NPT Half Socket Supplier
  • ASME SB564 Incoloy Alloy 825 BSP Elbows
  • Alloy 625 NPT 90° Elbow Exporter
  • 800H Inconel Alloy BSP NPT Fittings
  • Incoloy Alloy 800HT BSP Reducing Bush
  • ASME B16.11 Inconel Alloy BSP Crosses
  • Inconel Alloy NPT Equal Cross Dealers
  • ANSI B16.11 Inconel Alloy NPT Screwed Fittings
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