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Universal Metal Corporation is one of the largest manufactures, suppliers and exporters of valves in Brazil. We provide our clients with an extensive variety of valves that are of great quality and are customized to fit specific industrial standards. We stock Needle Valves, Bleed Valves, Ball Valves etc. Our needle valves are intended to regulate the flow rate in various applications and are equipped with a precision mechanism. These valves consist of a conical shaped needle which is slid into a seat to regulate the volume of the fluid. They are often used in applications where there is a need for accurate measurements, for instance in gas chromatography as well as analytical chemistry.

As a leading valve manufacturer, supplier, and dealer, we provide a wide range of valves at affordable prices, including Ball Valves, Needle Valves, and Bleed Valves. Our range of products includes Industrial Valves made in Brazil from high-quality materials such as titanium, stainless steel, nickel, alloy, and hastelloy.

ball valves in brazil

We are supplier of Monel and Inconel Valves, which are renowned for their durability and efficacy. Find out how great it is to manufacture valves with us in Brazil.

Our bleed valves are employed where a system requires venting or bleeding for proper operation to be achieved. These industrial valves are usually placed at any location or elevation that contains or traps air or gas: the high point of the system. These are a critical part of many industrial and process applications, such as oil/gas, refining/chemicals, and electricity generation. The features that make our ball valves outstanding range from the basic functions of fluid control to versatile applications. Some variants are equipped with the ball that has the hole in the center, which can be rotated to open or close the path for the liquid. We are able to produce it in different sizes, shapes and even materials depending on our client’s requirement. We at Universal Metal Corporation believe in offering our clients the best valve supply that is efficient and lasting. It is worth to underline that all our valves are made conforming to or exceeding industry standards while using only the best material and technologies.

Valve Specifications in Brazil

  • TYPE: Needle Valve/Ball Valve/Bleed Valve
  • SIZE: 1/8″-2″
  • TESTING STD: Ball Valve AP 1598/EN 12266, Needle Valve-MSSSP99
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel (SS)/Duplex Steel (DS)/Nickel Based Alloy
    Steel (NS) etc.
  • END CONNECTION: Socket, Threaded (NPT&BSP) etc.
  • WORKING PRESSURES: Ball valve-upto 2000 PSI, Needle valve – upto
    9000 PSI

Types of Valves in Brazil

ball valves

Ball Valves in Brazil

Needle Valves in Brazil

needle valves

Bleed Valves in Brazil

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We offer these Industrial valves as per ASTM, ASME and API in Brazil.

Our Client Project List in Brazil -

Product suppliedCity
Needle Valves for the Oil and gas industryMinas Gerais
Valves supplied to the Pharmaceutical processing industryEspírito Santo
Valves supply for the Petrochemical industryParaná
Steel Valves supplied to the industryRio de Janeiro