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Needle, Bleed, Ball Valves manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Russia

Universal Metal Corporation is one of the most recognized valves manufacturer, supplier and exporter company in Russia. Being in the industry for many years, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company for the manufacture and supply of superior quality valves for use in various applications. We offer Needle valves, Bleed valves, Ball valves and other products. Needle valves are specialty valves that are intended for use in systems where the restriction of movement of fluids is required in small pipes or tubes. They possess a conical needle-shaped leading end which controls the rate of throughput. Meanwhile, bleed valves are valves that are used to reduce the pressure or fluid level when it becomes high in a certain system. They are often used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and are typically the most expensive type of actuator in terms of initial cost. Ball valves are quarter turn valves in which the flow is regulated by a round, hollow ball that rotates making a 90-degree change.

As a leading valve manufacturer, supplier, and dealer, we provide a wide range of valves at affordable prices, including Ball Valves, Needle Valves, and Bleed Valves. Our range of products includes Industrial Valves made in Russia from high-quality materials such as titanium, stainless steel, nickel, alloy, and hastelloy.

manifold valves in russia
needle valve in russia

We are also stockists of Monel and Inconel Valves, which are renowned for their durability and efficacy. Find out how great it is to manufacture valves with us in Russia.

At Universal Metal Corporation, we know that being able to relate with a customer in a one-on-one basis is paramount. In light of these needs, it is equipped with a variety of sizes, materials, and valve assemblies. Whether you are in need of valves for industrial needs, commercial building, or at your own house, we’ve got you covered. Actual products, which are our valves, are produced from quality materials and have been examined critically to meet certain valve industry specifications and benchmarks. Besides, we have professionals engineers who can always advice you on the right valves you should go for depending on your circumstances. We consider ourselves to be a company that serves our customers with great dedication and delivers products of outstanding quality to customers in different parts of the world. As a valves supplier and exporter in Russia our focus is on satisfying customers with high quality and innovative products.

Valve Specifications in Russia

  • TYPE: Needle Valve/Ball Valve/Bleed Valve
  • SIZE: 1/8″-2″
  • TESTING STD: Ball Valve AP 1598/EN 12266, Needle Valve-MSSSP99
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel (SS)/Duplex Steel (DS)/Nickel Based Alloy
    Steel (NS) etc.
  • END CONNECTION: Socket, Threaded (NPT&BSP) etc.
  • WORKING PRESSURES: Ball valve-upto 2000 PSI, Needle valve – upto
    9000 PSI

Types of Valves in Russia

ball valves

Ball Valves in Russia

Needle Valves in Russia

needle valves

Bleed Valves in Russia

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We offer these Industrial valves as per ASTM, ASME and API in Russia.

Our Client Project List in Russia -

Product suppliedCity
Ball, Needle Valves for the Oil and gas industryMoscow
Valves supplied to the Pharmaceutical processing industryNovosibirsk
Alloy steel valves supply for the Petrochemical industryYekaterinburg
Valves supplied to the industrySt Petersburg